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May Award Winners

The Catholic Graduate Expectation focus for the month of May is responsibility. A self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner is one who develops and demonstrates their God-given potential. A responsible student:
- demonstrates a confident and positive sense of self respect for the dignity and welfare of others.
- Takes initiative and demonstrates Christian leadership.
- Responds to, manages and constructively influences change in a discerning manner.
- Sets appropriate goals and priorities in school, work and personal life.
- Applies effective communication, decision making, problem solving, time and resource management skills.
- Participates in leisure and fitness activities for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Congratulations to the following students:
Tittarelli/Pajuro - Mae, Darius
Baltrunas/Felix - Tye, Madeline
Gulley - Noah, Charlie
DiDonato - Demetri, Nathan
Ventura- Julia, Aiden
Diadamo - Lucas, David
Mattina - Jake, Nathan
Fackelmann - Mya M, Princess
Colombe - Chloe, Michael
Leo- Kery, Nathan
Smith - Lily Ann, Vanessa
Lamparski- Shauna, Karson
Blain - Nevena, Aaliyah
Puntillo - Kim, Alex
Rullo- Madison, Sergio

May Award Winners