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Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome Message

I wish to take this opportunity to welcome back our staff members, students and parents for what promises to be another enriched year of learning through the faith at St. Lawrence Catholic Elementary School.

As a staff, we will continue to provide your children with a rich Catholic environment and encourage students to use their unique gifts and qualities to reach their true spiritual and academic potential. Through the collaborative efforts of staff, parents and parish members, we will continue to encourage our students to realize their fullness in humanity for which Jesus Christ is the model. As a Catholic school community, we coordinate and support faith based initiatives that foster authentic learning experiences which emphasize the Catholic virtues that are embedded in the Gospel. It is through such experiences where our students develop a more profound relationship with Christ.

The staff of St. Lawrence school sets high expectations for student achievement. Under the guidance of our staff, students are encouraged to set individual academic goals for themselves and are provided with the essential supports needed in reaching their goals. Through our partnership with parents, we will continue to provide our students with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them to become responsible citizens, capable of meeting challenges with a reliance on their faith to make the right decisions.

Yours in Christ,
Mr. G. Di Martino, Principal